Easy to sew?

Today I am off to my Clothes Making class. Each class I do is three hours a week, and in Clothes Making this term we are learning how to make a simple skirt from a commercial pattern.

This means we are somewhat limited in the patterns we can choose from, and predictably all the ones I liked were the most complicated! This is the one I went for in the end:

The 'Easy-to-sew' Simplicity 2258

Our chosen skirt had to have an elasticated waist – not the most flattering on anyone as far as I can tell. This pattern uses a belt and a bow to cover the elasticated part, so hopefully will be a bit nicer.

Last week we learnt how to adjust the pattern to fit our bodies. Faced with a daunting array of gobbledygook that I normally try my best to ignore, I decided that as I am nearly 30 I should make the skirt a little bit longer than it is in the picture above – far more grown up!

The gobbledygook!

So I measured down from my waist to my knee, and added the amount needed to the pattern by inserting extra paper.

When selecting which size to make the skirt, you have to use your hip measurement to ensure that you can actually get it on and off OK (I hadn’t been taught this when I made my first skirt!).

Where to take your measurements from

You also have to allow for ease. And what is ease? Well… According to my handy handout that I have nicely filed in one of my new folders (love getting new stationery!):

“Wearing ease is additional fabric added to a pattern to allow for body movement and comfort.”

Typically you should add up to 2.5cm ease for the waist, and up to 5cm ease on the hips for a straight skirt.

You then do some mathematical wizardry which I’m afraid I can’t quite remember (I promise I will get better!), and work out which pattern size to use.

The best part of last week was going and choosing the fabric to make my skirt from. As it is definitely getting a bit chillier now, I thought something heavier than cotton would be better.

I am waiting for the postman to deliver More Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina, and once I have that I will hopefully be able to go in to a bit more detail about which fabrics I am using. I know that the light brown is a linen cotton blend, and the purple one is purple….

I will be using the purple as the main part of the skirt, and then hopefully the brown as an accent colour.

I’ll find out this afternoon what happens next!


4 thoughts on “Easy to sew?

  1. Looking forward to seeing the final skirt! I still haven’t finished my first attempt at a skirt, started last autumn (ahem). Feeling inspired now – though might need your help!
    Small comment – not sure how big your images are, took a while to load. Might be our internet connection at the office though!

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