Welcome to Peggy’s Pickles!

Named after my crazy cat Peggy, and the fact that I often seem to find myself in little pickles, I hope to use this blog to record all of my sewing adventures!

Peggy when she was a baby cat

Having left my job earlier in the year, I recently went back to school to learn how to sew. My mum taught me to sew when I was growing up, and although I have sewn a few nice (and plenty of not so nice) things, I tended to make them up as I went along as I didn’t really understand the pattern instructions. Who knew basting is not just something you do to a Christmas turkey?! I wanted to use the time away from work to learn how to do things properly, and who knows where it may lead…

So, I registered myself on lots of different sewing courses at Morely College in London, bought myself a brand new pencil case, and have so far survived two weeks without any mishaps. I have even made a skirt. A skirt which didn’t fall apart when I wore it. And people didn’t point and laugh. And I even felt a little bit pleased with myself when I was wearing it (a minor detail that I didn’t put a slit up the back so that I could walk ‘freely’ shall we say, but hey, I’m a beginner)

The start of Peggy’s modelling career!


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